Teske de Schepper, a Dutch influencer


Hi guys,

I’m here again! Now I would like to talk about Teske de Schepper as you could see in the title.

Teske is a Dutch youtuber, blogger and singer.  She was born on the 26th august of 1995. I love her fashion style, her way of talking, her personality,… For me she is model!



Her YouTube channels are:

She posts weekly very nice videos about her life, food, beauty,… or vlogs (Video bLOG).


She writes about everything that makes her happy: from fashion to lifestyle, food, DIY and more. Attention: it’s written in Dutch, so most non-native Dutch speakers will understand completely NOTHING about it… But you can try it. Go discover her blog!




Teske has also a career as singer. She covered a few songs and made also her own singles. The most popular song of her is ‘Rewritten‘. Together with David Choi she made  ‘King For A Day‘. I really like that song. I hope that she’ll become famous!

Some of her other singles/covers: