Hello everyone!

My friends and I invented a new religion: the ‘Oreism’ (Dutch: Oreïsme). We believe in the power of Oreo’s and Arizona. The Oreism religion stands for:

  • amity : stand open for new friendships
  • happiness : try to live a  happy life
  • faith : trust your friends and family, then they wil trust you
  • personality : don’t change for others

Everybody knows them: the crunchy cookies with a delicious stuffing of vanilla cream.


Keep calm and eat Oreo’s

We also believe in  Arizona, a sort of iced tea. You have them in different tastes. My favorite is Blueberry White Tea. Wich one is yours?

I have a collection of empty Arizona bottles in my bedroom. Why? Because I’m weird and I like to have a bit colour in my room 🙂


My little Arizona collection


Of course this whole religion shizzle is just a joke, we only mean that we REALLY LOVE Arizona and Oreo’s. The clue: if you want it, you can always start a new religion.