Hello everyone!

My friends and I invented a new religion: the ‘Oreism’ (Dutch: Oreïsme). We believe in the power of Oreo’s and Arizona. The Oreism religion stands for:

  • amity : stand open for new friendships
  • happiness : try to live a  happy life
  • faith : trust your friends and family, then they wil trust you
  • personality : don’t change for others

Everybody knows them: the crunchy cookies with a delicious stuffing of vanilla cream.


Keep calm and eat Oreo’s

We also believe in  Arizona, a sort of iced tea. You have them in different tastes. My favorite is Blueberry White Tea. Wich one is yours?

I have a collection of empty Arizona bottles in my bedroom. Why? Because I’m weird and I like to have a bit colour in my room 🙂


My little Arizona collection


Of course this whole religion shizzle is just a joke, we only mean that we REALLY LOVE Arizona and Oreo’s. The clue: if you want it, you can always start a new religion.


7 thoughts on “Oreism

  1. spaceunicornsite says:

    My Sister in the Noble Religion Of The Oreos And Arizona!!!
    This was a very helpful message to let new Brothers and Sisters join the Oreïsm, thank you very much for this.
    Please continue your duty as an Sister in the Oreïsm as desired.

    Juuuust kidding!!! Anyway, thank you very much for spreading the Oreïsm to many other people so that they can enjoy it too ;-).


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